Art Day Thank You!
Mon, May 15 7:59pm

If your kid(s) came home with some beautiful artwork on Saturday, you have Spring Hofeldt, Sarah Harlow, PS 107 art teacher Julie Brunner Cross, along with many parent volunteers (listed below!) to thank for putting on a tremendous Art Day spectacular! Thank you so much for organizing and coordinating this lovely event. 


Thank you to the parent volunteers who led & organized the Art Workshops:

Biba Milioto - for monoprinting 

Jenny Gallardo-Stern- for fan-out

Sarah Baratti- for fabric collages

Christina Lowe- for comic book making

Leah Holzer and Ethan Mitchell - for veggie and found object prints

Jill Davitt - for magic potion making

Laura Gibson-Rimer - for flip books

Ayca Aksu - for wood scrap sculptures

Allen Spector - for magic marker mayhem

Chris and Patrick Huguenin - for tissue paper flowers

Jocelyn Fung -  for paper kaleidocycles

Farrah Sanders - for paper mosaic art 

Kelly Durkin Mirian - for finger knitting 


Rachel Friedman - for the CLAY extravaganza in the cafeteria!!!


A big thank you to additional parent volunteers, including:

Alexandra Varipapa

Kate Polevoy

Aimee Fearon

Fryda Lidor

Erin Sheth

Emily Hager

Joanna Lumbang Dowding

Jenny May-Reddy

Nandi Rodrigo

Eve Rosen

Julia Wu

Jamie Weiner

Mika Kleban

Nandi Rodrigo

Alice Mackenzie

Michael Dowding

Nicole Mulligan

Elise Batscha

Sarah Ladner Gomez

Jodi Kantor

Mary Pratt

Jean Devine

Kajal Below

Adam Cobb

Nisha Aoyama

Mike Lew


And of course, thank you to all of the students who enthusiastically helped with the workshops, bake sale, and pizza sale!!


PS 107 PTA