Art Day Volunteer Signups!


(------> postponed to rain date! <------)
Saturday, JUNE 4TH, 2022  



We are excited to be able to host Art Day back on PS 107 school grounds this year, and students will be able to participate in many workshops!  (Unlike last year's covid-restricted event where students could only sign up for a max of two workshops.)

We can't do it without your help! Please consider running a Workshop or volunteering to be a Workshop Assistant.   Scroll thru the form below for the variety of helping hands needed to bring this all together,  including the role of DJ (new this year)! 

All ideas/concepts welcome!

Some workshop suggestions include (or view our brainstorm board here):


  • Textile Arts
  • Wood Scrap Sculptures
  • Crayon Relief and Watercolor Painting
  • Chalk Mural  
  • Transparency Art
  • Mini Rothko Paintings
  • Origami
  • Printmaking
  • Nature Mobiles

- Willing to lead a workshop but unsure what you can do ? The Arts Committee can help you plan an activity and gather materials. Please email committee chairs, Spring Hofeldt or Sarah Harlow


- Workshops will be held within PS 107's schoolyards and along the surrounding sidewalk.


- Hey now!  We're kicking it up a notch and looking for someone to DJ the big yard.  Did your ears just perk up?  Add your name to the form below!


Workshop Leaders, please also fill out this form:



Workshop Leader in PS 107 School Yard (12pm-3pm) Signed Up: 11 / 12

Lead the workshop of your choice. Please let us know the name of the workshop you plan to lead. Some examples include: - Woodscrap Sculptures - Sewing Crafts / Fiber arts - Chalk Mural - Printmaking - Crayon Relief and Watercolor Painting - Nature Mobiles - Origami - Finger Knitting - Sit-upon Making - Party Decorations for PS 107 Spring Fling
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Workshop Assistant in PS 107 School Yard (12pm-1:30pm) Signed Up: 4 / 8

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Workshop Assistant in PS 107 School Yard (1:30pm-3pm) Signed Up: 4 / 8

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Clay Workshop Leader Signed Up: 1 / 1

Always a big hit at Art Day! Experienced with clay? We have a stock of supplies, you bring your skills to share! The cafeteria area with tables and access to water is all yours.

Workshop Assistant CLAY (12pm-1:30pm) in the PS 107 Cafeteria Signed Up: 1 / 2

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Workshop Assistant CLAY (1:30pm-3pm) in the PS 107 Cafeteria Signed Up: 0 / 2

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Pizza Coordinator Signed Up: 0 / 1

- Oversee the gathering of baked goods, snack, dronk donations - Gathering paperplates / napkins. - Ordering & organizing the 2 timed deliveries of Pizzas - Oversee cash box.
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Bake Sale Supervision (11:45am-1:30pm) Signed Up: 2 / 2

Bake Sale Supervision (1:30pm-3:15pm) Signed Up: 1 / 2

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Bake Sale & Snack Donation Signed Up: 7 / 20

Bring on the baked goods & snacks... Deck out those brownies, rice crispy treats, pretzel logs and cupcakes! Cracker or pretzel packs, boxes of raisins, etc also welcome. (Please note what you may bring.)
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Drink Donation Signed Up: 4 / 10

juice boxes, water bottles, and seltzer welcome! (Please note what you will bring)
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Floaters (Shift One, 12pm-1:30pm) Signed Up: 1 / 2

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Floaters (Shift Two, 1:30pm-3pm) Signed Up: 2 / 2

Check In (11:45am-1:15pm) Signed Up: 2 / 3

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Check In (1:15pm-2:30pm) Signed Up: 0 / 3

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Set Up (11am-12pm) Signed Up: 2 / 4

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Clean Up (3pm-4pm) Signed Up: 1 / 4

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Music/DJ (11:30am-3pm) Signed Up: 0 / 1

Fly solo on this job, or have another help out... split the time btwn the two of you, or have around for tech help as needed! (Sound system can be provided.)
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