BIG NEWS: Your Annual Fund gift MATCHED -- give now!
Fri, Dec 10 10:50am

Donations to PS 107’s Annual Fund are currently being matched, dollar for dollar! Yipppeeee! 


If you've been waiting to donate, now is a great time to give!


Two amazing PS 107 families are coming together to commit $10,000 to the Annual Fund, but we need your help to unlock the full amount. One contributing family stated: 


"We love PS 107, and know just how important it is that families supplement the school's budget so that our kids benefit from art and other specials, enrichment activities, social-emotional support, and lots of other things government funding doesn't cover.  We hope that this challenge grant encourages all families to give what they can, and for everyone to participate." 


How does it work? You give $1, they give $1. Or, you give $100, they give $100. Or, you give $1,000, they give $1,000. Any amount and so on up to $10,000. It’s that simple. 


Donate via Konstella today. 


Here’s some elementary (wink-wink) math for you: The school needs $200,000 from the Annual Fund this year. We have about $85,000 left to raise and we need every family to participate to get there. This year, gifts range $5 to $6,000; most gifts are around $500; and most importantly, EVERY GIFT COUNTS. With your donation being matched, NOW is a great time to give.


If you have any questions, please reach out to parent Diana Gatschet at  


Every gift matters. YOUR gift matters. Give today! 


P.S. Click here to donate via Konstella. Please make your gift before December 31st!