Before you go...
Wed, Mar 24 1:12pm

Before you check-out for a well-deserved spring break, please consider making a donation to the Annual Fund today

Can you imagine a year without enough teachers? Or a year without invigorating music and dazzling art projects created by our kids? We can’t either! 

This is why the Annual Fund is essential to providing a little sense of normalcy during an anything-but-normal year. 

So before you close those laptops for Spring Break, consider making your family’s donation to the Annual Fund. 

The Annual Fund need this year is $200,000. We’ve raised $167,400, so we have $32,600 to go. 

We invite you to be a part of what makes PS 107 great. Please give now


Have a great and safe Spring Break! And  THANK YOU! 


P.S.  Some families ask for guide posts: The average (mean) gift so far this year is about $825. The median and mode are both $500. Gift size ranges from $20 to $5,000. Please make a gift in the amount that is right for you