Big Yard and Blocks and Bugs--GIVE NOW!
Fri, Jan 21 10:25am

The PS 107 PTA is committed to partnering with school administration to make improvements to the Big Yard playground so our kids can enjoy fun, recreational, and safe play.


In just a few short days, the PS 107 community has given $4,105 toward our $11,500 goal to offset costs for immediate improvements to the Big Yard--THANK YOU! 


Haven't given yet? You can make a donation here. 


"How will my donation be used?" We're glad you asked! 


Acquisition of Imagination Playground: These are big (GIANT!) blue blocks designed for large outdoor spaces, just like PS 107's! Our kids will have a blast playing with these durable, waterproof foam pieces of various shapes and sizes (and storing them in protective bins when recess is done). Imagination Playground will be a great way to keep our kids engaged and having fun while outdoors!

Restoration of the Insect Art: This is a school community, hands-on project for our kids! Think of it as an arts residency on steroids. Students will work alongside the original artist (and former PS 107 parent), Marney Fuller, in the restoration process to keep the insects bright and stable for years to come. Funds raised will cover the costs of the restoration and rental of a scissor lift to take down and rehang each insect. The insect restoration comes at a great time, as due to the ongoing pandemic, field trips and other hands-on outings have been limited. 

For perspective, the cost of these two projects comes to about $25 per student. A gift of that amount would be of great help. We hope you'll give what you can to the Big Yard Fund, impacting PS 107 kids now and for years to come.  


You can support these immediate improvements to the Big Yard by clicking here to make a donation to help us reach our $11,500 goal. Donate today! 


THANK YOU for your support of PS 107! 



Questions you may have about improvements to the Big Yard and the Big Yard fund: 


  • When will these improvements take place? Imagination Playground should arrive and be available for use by the kids sometime in February--or even earlier! We anticipate restoration of the insect art to take place this spring 2022 and to begin as early as March.
  • I already made a donation to the Annual Fund. Why is the PTA asking me for another donation?  Improvements to the Big Yard were not included in the PTA's original 2021-2022 budget. However, as the year progressed and the necessity to be outdoors is more important than ever, Ms Joanna and her team shared with the PTA the need  improve the kids' outdoor play experience. In addition, by not restoring the insect art in the near future, the pieces risk permanent damage. We are so appreciative of the families who have already made a donation to the Annual Fund and hope that those who are able will make another gift this year to help the PTA offset these costs. 
  • Is there a deadline for making a donation? Making a donation by February 1, 2022 would be a great help as incurring these costs is imminent. However, we can accept donations for the Big Yard improvements until June 30, 2022, or until we meet our goal, whichever comes first. 
  • What is the cost of these immediate improvements? $11,500 total, including $5,000 for Imagination Playground equipment and $6,500 for insect art restoration (a significant portion of the restoration cost is rental of a scissor lift to remove and rehang the pieces).  
  • Won't these improvements be covered in the funds PS 107 may receive through the Participatory Budgeting process? No. Improvements to the playground through Participatory Budgeting, should PS 107 receive funds, will likely include more major (and expensive) capital projects such as resurfacing and repainting the playground, water mitigation, and other improvements. Further, the timeline for these long-term projects is months down the road. In the meantime, the PTA is committed to doing what we can right now to make these improvements for our kids! 

Questions about Big Yard improvements?  Contact Ms. Joanna or PTA Co-Presidents, Jennifer Jerutis and Davina Benaderet