Brooklyn Title 1 Schools - Help needed
Wed, May 11 5:40pm

Many of our nyc schools' percentage of low income families have dropped just below their borough's thresholds for receiving Federal Title 1 funds. In some cases schools with 59.9% low income families will be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in Federal funding next year because they aren't meeting a strict 60% borough-wide cutoff. 


NYC's Title 1 thresholds are based on self-reported data that underestimate the number of low income families at schools. Given the gross uncertainties in the accuracy of the data, particularly during the last two years when NYC's neediest families have been adversely impacted by the pandemic, rather than adhering strictly to a 60% cutoff, the NYC DOE should apply a healthy margin of error to the thresholds and continue to provide Federal funds to schools with over 50% reported low income families.


Please use to send a letter to the NYC Schools Chancellor and the NYC Panel for Education Policy Members asking the DOE to revisit strict adherence to their Title 1 thresholds. 


Please note although this does not impact PS 107 it will possibly impact many schools in our district and we are asking the community for their help in sending a letter per the above. 


Thank you!