CORRECTED EDITION In the Nick of Time! The 5 Day Week February Edition is Here
Tue, Feb 28 6:11pm

What would a newspaper be without the occasional correction? In the front page story about Mr Ed, his hidden talent is mountain biking, not mountain hiking (he likes the latter as well, but his hidden talent is mountain biking!) Corrected edition is attached. 


This correction also gives me the opportunity to thank 107 parent and Supervising Producer at Vice News, Justin Silverman, for helping our newspaper editors through the planning process of the February issue.  Thank you, Justin!


Wow, February flew right by! Fortunately, The 5 Day Week is here, just before month's end. 


Enjoy the latest edition, and be sure to vote in this month's poll, on page 3. 


The 5 Day Week editors: Elie Tsan, Saryah Asoli, Stella Bynum (and their publisher, Ms Joanna)