COVID-19 Reminders and Guidance from your PTA
Sun, Apr 25 5:24pm


While COVID-19 rates are decreasing, they still remain at an extremely high rate in New York City, with nearly 2,000 new cases every day. The PTA believes that PS 107 can safely hold in-person instruction, every day, for every child who wants it, but we must work together to slow the spread COVID-19 in our school community. Even if we all take every precaution, COVID-19 is a real threat and anyone can get it at any time and unknowingly spread it. It is up to our school community to help keep PS 107’s doors open by everyone doing their part! 

What should I tell my school and when?

  • DO report any positive cases of COVID-19 to, even if your child’s classroom is already closed. School closures and testing thresholds are dependent upon the numbers of students with COVID-19 so it’s extremely important for the school to have the most up-to-date and accurate information. 
  • DO know that your and your family’s information will be kept confidential.  

Someone in my household doesn’t feel so good and goes to get a COVID-19 test…

  • DO go get the whole family tested!
  • DON’T send your children to school until you know everyone in the family is negative. If anyone in the house is exhibiting possible COVID-19 symptoms, keep everyone home until you receive negative test results and know it is safe for you to send your children back to school.

I’m spending the weekend/holiday with unvaccinated extended family and friends...

  • DO get everyone in your family tested before returning to school. COVID-19 is a real threat in our  city and while the Governor is relaxing some rules, we still need to follow all COVID-19 safety precautions and especially when participating in activities that are known to be the source of spread of the virus – like gatherings of family and friends!

My child had a playdate with a friend. I just learned that the friend tested positive for COVID-19. What do I do? 

  •  DO report this to immediately so we can best advise you on the correct protocol for your student to follow.
  •  DO keep your child home until you receive a response from the school. 

My child has symptoms of something other than COVID-19, like a tummy ache, fatigue or a runny nose?

  • DO keep all your children home and get everyone in your family tested before sending them back to school. Sometimes children present atypical symptoms and sometimes children are completely asymptomatic. Unsure but have a gut feeling? Get tested!

Where can I get my family tested?

  • Health & Hospitals Testing Sites (like the one at Red Hook Rec Center) expedite test results for children who are attending school and are free with no co-payment. Make sure to let them know your child attends a public school in-person when registering for the test so you receive your results with priority speed.

My child’s class is closed for 10 days and my child has been told to quarantine…

  • DO quarantine your child and follow the instructions received from school.
  • DON’T go on playdates, don’t bring your child to the grocery store, don’t play at Harmony...for 10 whole days. 
  • DO quarantine any siblings and unvaccinated adults in your house. This helps slow the spread of COVID-19 and keeps everyone safe. 
  • DO get everyone in your household tested for COVID-19 on day 4 or 5 of quarantine.
  • DON’T call the school to ask for the name of the person who has COVID-19. PS 107 cannot and will not give out any information. The school is obligated to protect the privacy of students, staff and their families. Privacy laws protect all of us. 

My child is quarantining but got a negative COVID test recently. Can my child be released from quarantine? 

  • DON’T release your child from quarantine early. For everyone’s protection, all close contacts must complete a 10 day quarantine, even with a negative test.

Thank you for keeping our PS 107 community safe! Your vigilance is appreciated. CLICK HERE to find the latest information on COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols from the New York City Department of Education.