Call to Action: Help Stop School Budget Cuts!
Thu, Jun 23 4:06pm

Hello PS107 Community,

For those who may not be aware, Mayor Adams and the city council have passed a budget that significantly cuts funding to NYC public schools, in some cases up to 20-30%. PS107 is looking at an 8% budget cut. This could impact class size, arts classes and reading intervention. We are asking parents to get loud and protest these unconscionable efforts of Mayor Adams. 

Here are some ways you can get involved if you'd like to help. If we don't make this priority #1 by emailing, showing up and insisting on the restoration of budgets, next year is going to look very different for many schools. Please do this on behalf of not only PS107 but all public schools! Other schools may have no music, no art, no support staff, no afterschool programs, no academic support etc. Please help and please share widely. Every letter helps.


  1. EVERYONE → Email the Mayor's office here: and Speaker Adrienne Adams here:
  2. EVERYONE → Click here to sign the petition to restore the funding cuts to schools across the City.
  3. DISTRICT 15 PARENTS, TEACHERS & STUDENTS → Tell our elected officials not to cut our budgets.  Email CM Hanif’s office at if you are in the 39th Council District or you can find your district representative here:



  1. Click here to attend the Panel on Education Policy (PEP) meeting TONIGHT Thursday, June 23 at 5:30pm. Large attendance at this virtual meeting could shift decisions! The PEP is the closest we get to a Board of Education under mayoral control of schools. The Chancellor attends and the Panel will vote on the budget. They must listen to all comments!
  2. Click here to sign up to testify at this Friday’s City Council hearing on the education budget cuts. 
  3. Attend the rally outside City Hall on Friday, June 24 at 3pm! 

Thank you everyone for getting active and getting involved. Our children and the future of NYC depend on it.

PS107 PTA & SLT Parents