Can We Have Your Home?
Tue, Mar 3 10:34am

As all of you know, since you have undoubtedly bought your tickets already, the PS 107 Charity Auction is coming up March 27th!


We trying to get a few more last minute big ticket items so we wanted to ask the PS 107 community:

  • Does your family (or extended family) have a vacation house you'd like to donate for a week/weekend?  Past items have included a week at a home in Vermont, The Hamptons, Maine, as well as a PS 107 grandparent's home in the Bahamas. 

  • Does anyone work (or know people who work)  in the entertainment industry that might be able to donate tickets and/or behind-the-scenes  access? Anything from Film to TV to Theater to Visual Arts? Concert tickets too! Past events have included tickets to a variety of Late Night shows, Iron Maiden tickets, a behind the scenes tour of Sesame Street, and tickets and the chance to meet the cast of Broadway shows.

  • Does anyone work for/with or know folks at various NY/NJ sports teams? Past events have included Jets training camp tickets and meet the players access, as well as box seats to Mets/Yankees.

  • Do you know Paul Rudd? Nothing for the auction, I'd just really like to meet Paul Rudd. Seems like a great guy.

Anyway, if any of these seem like something you'd be able to find or donate for the auction, please contact Michael at!


Oh, and get your auction tickets!!!