Cast Your Vote! Participatory Budgeting NYC
Fri, Mar 30 4:45pm

The Student Spending Project at PS107, which sets aside $1,000 dollars for students to decide how to spend, was designed to allow our PTA to hear from the students, to further develop our great sense of community at PS107, and to give kids direct experience in civic engagement. As you've probably heard, this year's winning projects were: 1) more board games for indoor recess, 2) hand vacuums for Ms. Julie to help with art clean-up, 3) science equipment to raise quail eggs, and 4) a trophy case to display our track trophies.


Now let’s extend this beyond the school into our broader community!


SSP is based on the citywide Participatory Budgeting (PBNYC) program that is now in its seventh year. PBNYC is a program where Council Members voluntarily commit at least $1 million of their discretionary funds for community members in their district to develop projects and the vote on these capital expenditures throughout the district. The program gains more participating Council Members each year and has won awards and recognition for its success in expanding civic participation and giving community members information about the city budgeting process.


PBNYC vote week is April 7th-April 15th. To help students connect what they have learned through SSP to the larger community, families can now take their civic-minded students to participate in this broader community initiative. You can review the projects together and decide as a family which projects would best benefit our community. If you have a child who is 11 years old or older, they are eligible to vote as well!


Click here to find a voting location in our district. Look for pop-up polls at the library, YMCA, Old Stone House, and around the neighborhood, April 7-15. Happy voting!


If you are interested in learning more about Student Spending Project and being a volunteer, please contact Kim Berney-Brooke.