Cinco de Rhino - Lemonade Stands and Bake Sales
Thu, May 2 2:16pm

The Cinco de Rhino bake sales are happening Thursday, May 2nd and Friday May 3rd at both drop off and pick up. IF YOU HAVE SIGNED UP to host a LEMONADE STAND on Saturday, May 4th or Sunday, May 5th, you can PICK UP YOUR LEMONADE STAND KIT at either the bake sale OR in the office.


If you have not signed up to host a lemonade stand, but you would like to, you can sign up at the bake sale or on Konstella. Either way, please pick up a kit by Friday, May 3rd.


All the money we raise goes to the International Rhino Foundation. For more information about IRF and Cinco de Rhino please go to: