Clarification about Arrival & Dismissal Procedures
Thu, Sep 5 6:30am

Dear PS107 Families,

We are very excited that school starts today!  Our teachers and staff have been working hard to get ready our classrooms ready.  I’m writing to clarify arrival and dismissal procedures for this week and beyond.  Teachers and administrative staff will be stationed around the yards and in the Lobby to assist you if you aren’t sure where to go but I hope this email will alleviate some of the confusion.

Pre-K parents should enter the building from the 13th Street Courtyard.  You’ll be directed to the back stairwell which leads directly to the classroom, Pre-K 107.  You should bring your child directly to the classroom every day.  Ms. Cynthia will dismiss our Pre-K students at NOON tomorrow and Friday in the 13th Street Courtyard.  On regular school days, starting on Monday, Pre-K dismissal will be at 2:35pm in the Courtyard.

Kindergarten parents may also enter the building with their children from the 13th Street Courtyard.  Kindergarten parents may continue to bring their children directly to the classroom until Fri 9/27.  Dismissal tomorrow and all other days is at 2:40pm in the Courtyard.

First Grade parents may enter the building with their children from the 13th Street Courtyard.  They may bring their children directly to their classrooms tomorrow and Friday.  On Monday, first grade students should enter the building alone, from the 13th Street Courtyard.  Dismissal for first graders is at 2:40pm in the Big Yard (14th Street) every day. Please look for your class number on the sign your child’s teacher will be carrying tomorrow and Friday so you know where to pick up your child each day.

Second through Fifth Grade parents should find their child’s teacher in the Big Yard at 8:15am.  Each teacher will be carrying a sign with his/her class number.  School staff will be posted to assist you, in case you aren’t sure of your child’s class.  Dismissal will be at 2:40pm, roughly in the same area of the yard as arrival.

We can’t wait to see you and get the school year started!