Class Parents still needed for some classes
Thu, Sep 23 7:47pm

Hi parents - 


Thanks to those who have volunteered to act as Class Parents this year!  

We are still in need of class parents for the following classes:



1-102 (Marissa Bateman)

2-203 (Gina Fahmy)

2-205 (Julie Tayala and Stephanie Chase)

2-206 (Myeia Reid)

3-204 (Shannon Brown and Brian Gorenstein)

3-208 (Rita Palajac and Nelley Augustin)

4-303 (Anna Doyle)

5-305 (Shirley Harkins and Michele Dente)

5-306 (Ed Schulz)

Please consider volunteering - it's a relatively low time commitment and is a great way to support our wonderful teachers.

If you are interested please contact your teacher and