Class Size Matters Hearings TOMORROW
Thu, Feb 27 12:26pm
Dear PS 107 Families,
I know many of you are concerned about large class sizes. As a public school that relies on the DOE for our primary funding, there is little we can do unless the UFT negotiated limit on the number of children in each class is lowered.
Currently, there are 25 children allowed in each Kindergarten class, and 32 children allowed in classrooms from 1-5th grade. That is what our DOE funding is based on.
We are lucky at PS 107 to have amazing community support, which enables the PTA to supplement budgetary shortfalls wherever possible. But our resources are limited. I've learned that there is a hearing TOMORROW at City Hall about class size. The more parents that can attend, the better. Please see attached flyer.
There is a PTA meeting tomorrow from 8:30 - 9:00 am. I will be going from our PTA meeting to the hearing at City Hall. Anyone is welcome to join me!
Thank you,
Amy Weintraub
PTS President