Climate Action Day (Feb  - Spotlight on WASTE!)
Thu, Jan 25 6:50pm

Leading up to and surrounding the NYC DOE Climate Action Day for Waste, here’s what's happening at PS107…


REMINDER: Save your oral care and squeeze pouch waste for collection Feb 7-8-9! We will collect these hard-to-recycle items in early February coinciding with the PS107 “Waste reduction” Climate Action Day. These will be sorted by students for Terracycle, and we’ll keep these out of landfills and earn points for things like planting trees, etc. We will collect Burt’s Bees things, oral care / deodorant (all brands), and squeezy pouches (all brands). See details below and these links for what’s accepted). Thanks to Spring Hofeldt for leading this effort!


5th grade classes are taking field trips to SIMS Waste Management facility to learn all about NYC recycling and waste in their interactive Recycling Education Center. After a brief discussion, students participate in hands on activities focused on the recycling process and then proceed to the observation platform to see hundreds of tons of New York City's recyclables and the vast system that sorts them out. 

Go 5th grade!! The 5th grade green team is doing a slideshow to present to the entire school on how to properly sort waste/recycling both in school and at home. They also offer suggestions for reducing waste in the first place.  Weather permitting, they will also do a park clean-up walk. Thank you 5th grade and Mr. Ed!


Did you know that Plastic Free Lunch Day is now a monthly menu day in all NYC DOE elementary schools? The Office of Food & Nutrition Services and Cafeteria Culture work together to serve lunches without plastic packaging! Let’s challenge ourselves to extend this to lunch and snacks brought from home. Here are some tips thanks to Tali Horowitz. All of these tips can save you money.