Community Outreach May Newsletter
Tue, May 24 4:08pm

Hello everyone,


Memorial Day is almost upon us and the whole month of May has snuck past!   We fully intended to send this out sooner, particularly in order to acknowledge the many great community events that took place in April- but it's never too late to say Thank You!!


Inside you'll find a summary of the volunteer efforts at the Brooklyn Marathon, the Changemakers bake sale to support the Armory Women's Shelter, and the food drive for CHiPs.  As always, our kids, teachers, and families mobilized in big and small ways to be support our neighbors, our wider neighborhood, and the braoder community. 


Check out Cynthia's expert curation of book recommendatations along with upcoming Volunteer opportunities.  There is one event happening TONIGHT, so check out the details - it's an online event with ongoing ways to participate, so even if now is not the time, check out how to join in the future.     


Stay well everyone, and stay active!

Sarah, Brittany & The Community Outreach Committee