Community Outreach Newsletter: Come watch the NYC Marathon!
Tue, Oct 31 11:26am


It's a long-standing track team tradition to gather on 4th Avenue and 12th Street to cheer for the runners of the NYC Marathon. (Keep an eye out for Track Coach Leslie, and many others running this year!) Meanwhile our sister school, PS 124, sets up a huge bake sale on 4th ave & 13th street. It's one of their biggest fundraisers of the year. So when you're thirsty and hungry from all your yelling, go grab a snack, just down the block! Just like last weekend (see the picture below) running is bringing our schools together.

Join the PS 107/124 Community Outreach WhatsApp! Families are in need of clothing, pots & pans, and diapers. Please chime in if you can help! Join here:

Coming Up:

1.) Book Drive - November 8-10 - Children's books only, no adult or coffee table books

2.) Fall and Winter Clothing Swap with PS 124 November 11

3.) 5th Grade and after school service projects (November and December) 

 As always...Our weekly food drive continues:

CHiPS is a community kitchen located on 4th Avenue.  They serve over 400 people breakfast and lunch each day.  Please bring donations Wednesdays during morning drop-off near the Main Entrance. See what to donate below, and signup to help here.

What to donate: (please label all prepared items)

  • Sandwiches - ALL Kinds (Ham/Cheese, Turkey/Cheese, Egg Salad, PBJ) (Please label)
  • Sliced Bread Packages
  • Lunch Meat packages
  • Eggs
  • Tortillas
  • Prepared Meals (pasta, rice/beans, soup, pasta salad etc) Please pre-package in individual portions.
  • Microwaveable Meals - Instant Ramen, Rice & Beans Packets
  • Jelly Jars, Peanut Butter
  • Cereal/Instant Oatmeal Packets
  • Shelf Stable Milk & Juice Boxes
  • Fruit cups
  • Fresh Fruit (Oranges/Bananas ; NO apples please)
  • Individually Wrapped Snacks (Nuts, Beef Sticks, Crackers, Bars/Cookies)
  • NEW To-go Containers & Sandwich Ziplock Baggies
  • Plastic Utensils spoons/forks
  • Fresh Direct Bags/Sturdy Bags

Please reach out to / or / with questions/suggestions.