Community Outreach Reminders - PS 169 Toy Drive & Food Pantries
Mon, Dec 20 5:27pm

As the year end break approaches, we have two quick updates and reminders.


Toys for PS169

First, if you're able, as you're doing your own last minute shopping,  please consider supporting PS169 families with any of the much needed gifts on this Amazon wishlist.  There are a just a few small, affordable items but their postive impact will be huge.   I apologize for not sending this around much sooner, but anything added now will still be helpful!


Food Donations

Second, given all the current stresses and uncertainties, we've decided to postpone the food drive we'd planned to do through this week until January.   

In the meantime,  there are so many other great community organizations to support in this time when so many are in need.  Three great local places are:

Camp Friendship:


Masbia Soup Kitchen:


Check this site as well for a complete listing of all the food pantries throughout Brooklyn:


Thanks to everyone for all your generosity and ongoing support for eachother, for PS169, and for our broader Brooklyn community. 


Wishing you all a healthy, peaceful, and restorative holiday/break/New Year!

Sarah, Brittany, & the Community Outreach Committee