Community Outreach: New Volunteer Opportunities, Family Needs, and Thank yous!
Sat, Nov 5 10:00am-12:00pm
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First off - - a huge THANK YOU for all the incredibly generous recent winter gear and Halloween costume donations and the great support getting everything stored, sorted and organized last week!   A few pictures are attached but only show a small part of the total. With many volunteers helping out, we were able to deliver over 40 giant bags of coats, snow pants, sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves, boots for both kids and adults - along with many very cute and creative costumes - to PS124. 


Coming up this weekend - Saturday November 5th - we have two fantastic family volunteer opportunities:


1.  Book Giveaway at PS169  

       Saturday, Nov 5


       7th Avenue btwn 43rd-44th streets

 We’ll be passing along all the books we collected at the Fall Festival! This was an event we   started last year and are happy to continue the tradition. 

 A handful of volunteers are needed on site at PS169 to  help set up and keep things organized during the  giveaway.  This is a fairly short, small eventso only a few slots are posted - if you'd like to attend but the shifts are full, just let us know!

 All ages welcome --  Sign ups below if you’re free! 


2. Winter Clothing giveaway at PS124

      Saturday, Nov 5

      8am - 1pm 

     13th Street and Fourth Avenue

 Everything we gathered, along with other much-needed items from PS124s Mutual Aid efforts, will be passed along directly to those in need.  Join in to help with the giveaway in the PS 124 school yard. 

 Volunteers of all ages welcome at any time, for any length of time, between 8am-1pm.  

There are no specific sign ups for this -- Interested individuals or families can just show up or contact Rachel Weaber with questions:


Amazon Wishlists


In addition to these in-person volunteer opportunties with our neighbors, there continue to be ongoing needs within our own school community as well.

We are sharing a few new Amazon wishlists with essential items that will go directly to each family.  So far every request has been fulfilled almost as soon as we’ve sent it out, and we hope we can continue to support each other in this way. Please check each of these if you’re able.


  1. https:/








As always we are amazed by the generosity, kindness and thoughtfulness of our 107 community.  Thank you for showing up in all these big and small ways! 


We hope to see some of you and your kiddos on Saturday!


Thanks as always!

Sarah and Brittany 



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Sat, Nov 5 10:00am-12:00pm
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