Daily Case Update + SILLY OUTFIT DAY - FRIDAY!
Wed, Mar 30 5:03pm

Dear PS 107 Families, 


Today I was informed of 1 positive case of COVID. The individual testing positive was last in the building on Tuesday, 3/29.


All families of students who shared classroom space with the individuals testing positive were notified directly by me earlier today, via email. One case did involve exposure to the afterschool community and parents will be hearing directly from Sandy Phillips about that. The DOE's official notification about this case is attached.
In non-COVID news, we are planning a schoolwide Spirit Day for Friday (which just happens to coincide with April Fool's Day) ... SILLY OUTFIT DAY! Some of you may be thinking, "every day is silly outfit day in my house." That may be true, but now you can encourage your children to up their game! We look forward to seeing your kids' silliest outfits, clothing, shoes, etc this Friday. A few photos from the interwebs are attached for inspiration. 
Bring on the sillies! 
Ms Joanna