Day 3 & PS107 Online Policy
Wed, Mar 25 7:01pm

Dear PS107 Families,

I hope today - Day 3 of remote learning - went more smoothly than those that came before, and that you are finding ways to manage its unique demands.  We held live-streamed grade meetings today with our classroom teachers and discussed using platforms like Zoom for live -or video-streamed meetings and instruction.  Like each of you, our teachers are at different skill levels with this technology and they need time to explore and experiment with it.  We are moving in that direction, though, and plan to incorporate it in increasing ways in the coming weeks.  My refrain continues to be "have patience" as we build our skills and understanding of these platforms.  We have come an enormous distance in a very short period of time.

With most student interactions now being online, I want to remind you that appropriate use of the internet and online behavior expectations still apply.  I have attached our Parent Online Policy to this email, as well as a "Netiquette" poster with the 15 guiding rules of etiquette for online discourse.  Your child's teacher will post the student policy and this poster in Google Classroom for you to review with your child this week.  

And just a last reminder: Your child's attendance is recorded each day by logging into Google Classroom.  Please contact your teacher if your child is unable to login because of sickness or another reason.

Please stay safe and healthy.