Devices- Remote Learning (please read)
Thu, May 28 9:07am

Dear PS 107 families,

I hope this finds you well.

This is in reference to Devices- Remote Learning.


There are 2 parts to this email so please read it in its entirety with a link below.


1.  If you borrowed a device from PS 107, we are asking if you could please also request a device from the Dept of Ed (DOE).  We want to make sure you always have a working device in case your borrowed one stops cooperating. 

We also would like the DOE to have some accurate data on file regarding access to equipment.


2.  If you think that you might need another device at your home especially since there hasn't been an announcement regarding our September status, please request a device ASAP.

The process takes a little bit of time to take delivery so even if you are unsure, request one now so there is no lapse in your child's access to learning.


Here is the link:


Stay well,

Ms. Marybeth