Sat, Jan 21 2:32pm

Hi everyone –

First, thank you for all the food preparations and donations this past week, especially our 5th Graders!


More is needed!! There is an immediate and ongoing food emergency for our newest community members in shelters.


Over 250 immigrants have been placed in Gowanus and Park Slope in the last 2 weeks without adequate food access, cooking facilities or resources. The city response has not met the need and people are going hungry.


Daily meals are needed, packed in single or double servings, in supplies that can adequately nourish 250-300 folks.

What to do:

  • AT PS107 – EVERY WEDNESDAY: FOOD COLLECTION. Just like this past week, each Wednesday morning at drop off for the next few weeks we will continue to collect prepared food, sandwiches and food supplies for CHiPs. We will send around reminders early each week.



There are 3 ways you can help ANY/EVERY DAY:

1—Prepare a meal, packed in single or double servings, to nourish 250-300 folks.


  • Drop off items outside PS58 on Carroll Street between Smith and Court. There will be boxes clearly marked for items. If you are able to drop off food in large sturdy bags (e.g., fresh direct bags) that is helpful but not necessary. 

    Late afternoon/evening neighborhood volunteers will transport all collected food to the shelters.

 2—CHiPS is now serving over 300 meals a day but needs help to sustain their resources.

  • Drop off food supplies (bread, ground coffee, sugar, eggs, sandwich bags, microwaveable meals, & sandwiches) Mon -Sat, 9-11am @ 200 4th Ave  
  • Donate to chipsonline.org/donate

3—While some supplies can be donated, Gowanus Mutual Aid is accepting funds to purchase supplies: hot food, as well as shoes, socks, formula.
Donate to bit.ly/GMA_AsylumFund (link in bio)

 Also there is a WhatsApp group for folks who would like to volunteer in various capacities, basically an ask for help will go out to the group and if you can help you respond with an emoji to the message, it keeps the group from getting gummed up with everyone's individual responses.  you can join that WhatsApp group here: 




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