Eat & Greet 2018!
Sat, Nov 3 6:00pm-11:00pm
You know all those other parents you see walking their kids to school next to you?
Just like you, they're people too, with embarrassing stories to tell, amazing recipes to share, and expensive wines to break out.
Here's your chance to do all that with them!
Attendees will travel to 3 different homes throughout the evening for cocktails, dinner and dessert. 
Tickets are $40/person  and can be purchased at
 Here is a personal story from someone who loves the Eat + Greet event:
"Seven years ago my oldest child entered PS107.  We were brand-new K parents with a toddler at home and didn't know more than four people in the school.  We decided to attend the Eat + Greet, which was formerly called the Progressive Dinner, to meet new people and to get a feel for what the school was about.  We are so glad that we did.  That year we met some of our now closest friends.  We mingled with people who have since left PS107, and we still randomly bump into them on 7th Avenue and say hello.  By the next year, we knew some people and attended the event to meet more people BUT ALSO to share our experiences with others.  We have met people that are quiet, outgoing, friendly, people we thought were not nice but really were just shy, we have friended people we never would have met otherwise.
This event is what being part of a community is all about. 
You should NOT miss this opportunity.
The Eat + Greet is the hidden gem of social events at PS 107."