EduKit Clarification
Thu, Aug 26 1:32pm

Hi PS107 community,


Don't worry - the kids will have school supplies!



 For those of you that have ordered supplies through EduKit, you probably received an email today informing you of delays that may occur due to a COVID outbreak at one of their warehouses. I have been assured by our EduKit representative that the PS 107 orders are on schedule to be delivered before the start of school. I know that this message may have caused stress for many of you, but not to worry, the kids will have the supplies that they need at the beginning of the year.


If you did not order supplies through EduKit, but want to get them before school starts, supply lists are posted here


We apologize for the email from EduKit and any concern it may have caused you. We hope you enjoy your last weeks of summer!


Your school supply team,

Erin and Katia