Emergency Contact Cards (Blue Cards) and My School Apps
Thu, Aug 29 8:49am

Hello Families,


We hope you are all enjoying your final days of summer break from school. 


We are getting everything ready for your return.


Here are some very important things you can take care of now, before the first day of school so we can all hit the ground running.




A new Emergency Contact Card must be filled out each school year. It is the document we turn to if we need to contact you in a medical emergency.


You can fill it out using one of the following methods:


A. Fill out the attached form, save it as a word document and send it to bluecard@ps107.org


B. Fill out the attached form and bring it to the main office or return to your child's teacher on the first day of school


Important Notes about the Blue Card:


* A photo of a filled out blue card can not be accepted.

* You must list 3 emergency contacts on your form (in addition to parents/guardians) so think about who you want the school to call if we cannot reach you.

* Incoming PreK and K families to not need to fill out the blue card because you did this during registration.


2. FAMILY INCOME FORM (Formerly School Lunch Form)


Even though school lunch is free for all NYC students, it's still important to know who is eligible for free lunch.  Schools receive some State and Federal Funding based on these numbers and the Middle School application process also relies on this information.


Please click on the following link to fill out the form online.




Once you find the school and begin filling out the form, you will have the opportunity to check off a box that says I DO NOT WANT TO DECLARE MY INCOME if you do not want to specify your family's income but you still need to answer any non-income related questions on the form to complete the process.


 Contact me at prosenberg@ps107.org with any questions or you can call 718.499.2054 x1031


I look forward to seeing you all next week!!