Emergency Drills
Tue, Oct 9 5:00pm

Dear PS107 Families,

This week we will begin the first of our annual emergency drills.  These drills include building evacuations, such as fire drills, and lockdown drills which occur within the building.  A total of 8 evacuation drills and four lockdown drills are required each year by the Department of Education.  The teachers and paraprofessionals on our Building Response Team (BRT) are specifically trained to implement and respond to these drills and other emergencies that may arise in the building.  Our classroom teachers also are trained in these protocols and have reviewed expectations with their students.  The first few drills are announced to the staff so they can keep our students at ease and help them practice in a calm and non-threatening manner.  Future drills are unannounced.

 Our first fire drill will be on Friday morning 10/12, and our first lockdown drill will be held on Tuesday morning 10/16. Both drills last only a matter of minutes (usually 5-7 in total).

Please be aware of our safety drills and speak to your child as necessary.  If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to your child’s teacher or anyone else here.



Eve Litwack, Principal