End Of The Year Gifts and Gifs
Sat, Dec 28 8:29pm

As we count down to the new year, we extend a big thank you to the many families who have supported the Annual Fund in 2019. 

We know that many families aim to give before the end of the calendar year, and if you haven’t yet contributed, we welcome you to join PS 107 families in support of our children’s enriched education. Your donations will help fund arts and dance programs, science education, smaller class sizes, and the dozens of other educational “extras” that make PS 107 such a special place for our kids. 

So far we’ve raised $124,600 from 241 children’s families towards our goals of 100% participation and $250,000. If you’re planning an end-of year-gift, we thank you for your generosity — whether it’s $25 or $2,500 or something in between.

And if you've already contributed, we thank you again, and hope you’ll spread the word about why you give. 

Have a very happy new year,

PS 107 Annual Fund Committee

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