End of Trimester Newsletter from the art teacher at P. S. 107
Sun, Nov 11 9:47pm

Dear Families,

November already? It is hard to believe that the first Trimester of the school year is almost over! In ART, we have been very busy…

KINDERGARTEN has been learning how lines create shapes, and how shapes can be turned into all sorts of things! We have looked at nature, literature and the work of many artists for inspiration. We have explored different art materials and techniques from drawing to collage to paper sculpture to paint, working in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional forms.

FIRST GRADE started with an exploration of drawing and collage. Students have been working with geometric and organic shapes to create drawings and collages incorporating lines, patterns, and visual texture. Most recently students have been looking closely and learning to draw from observation.

SECOND GRADE began art this year by experimenting with various drawing materials, collage and watercolor paint. Recently studentsexamined portraits by a variety of famous artists throughout history. We discussed how these different artists used proportion, color, and shading to express themselves. They are currently working on self-portraits using drawing, tempera paint and oil pastels.

THIRD GRADE began by experimenting with various drawing materials and styles of art. Currently students are learning to use their new sketchbooks in art as a place to practice ideas, materials and techniques and to try new things and hone skills. We are slowing things down to give opportunity to go deep into areas of interest. Up next, more drawing, painting and sculpture/clay!

FOURTH GRADE began with an exploration of drawing materials both new and familiar. They are currently working on developing characters and stories by creating graphic novels and cartoons. Coming up, a unit on Optical illusion in art, tessellations, and figure/ground illusion in art and design followed by a unit on printmaking.


FIFTH GRADE is completing a unit in 2-dimensional applied design. Using drawing, collage, paint and mixed media students expressed ideas about a passage from a book visually. Looking at illustrations from various books for inspiration, and learning about the envisioning process students translated the words from their chosen passage into a picture that demonstrates clarity of message and vivid use of color and design.

In grades K-2 work will be/is coming home soon with your children, again in Spring and end of year. Grades 3-5 work stays in their portfolios at school until end of year.


Thank you parents for your continued support!

Ms. Julie