Wed, Oct 20 9:42pm


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Hey Everyone,

We've all been there with our kids.

You're trying to get them to do something and they just won't, so you pull out the "Well, if you're not going to help, I guess we just won't have your birthday party this year."

Sadly, we're at that stage with Fall Festival this year.

This is an event that relies on parent involvement more than any other, and at this point, with less than 3 days to go, there are over 200 open volunteer slots.

It isn't exaggerating when we say that the event can't happen without the help of PS 107 parents.

If nobody volunteers for various activities, we just can't have them.

We are brining back Fall Festival, 2021 style!!!  We also have a goal to  help raise funds for the school to provide our kids with resources they might not otherwise have. If you haven't volunteered yet, please do consider it. Volunteering is actually a lot of fun and you'll have the chance to meet other parents and teachers you don't yet know, plus you'll be doing a great deed for the school and for your kiddos. Every contribution counts so let's all get in there and sign up for something (anything!) so the kids have the best fall festival possible! 

If you need inspiration on where to sign up, places we need most help:

Spooky Slime! (We provide all the ingredients, tools and directions!)

STEM project (which uses pumpkins as a battery!!! Again, there are instructions!)

Baked good sales (Yummmmmmmm)

Sit-upons - For when our kids have al fresco lunch everyday (weather permitting, obvi)!

Gear sales! Help people look sharp in PS107 gear!

Set-up and Clean Up- A great place to get our kids involved!  They can help out too!! 

Anywhere there are NO volunteers!

Sign up now to volunteer!


Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!