FREE Tickets to EarthFest at The American Museum of Natural History on 4/13
Thu, Apr 4 10:01am
Our STEAM day MC and DJ Mr. Marc and Mikey Palms have offered all PS.107 families free tickets to their interactive family dance party at the American Museum of Natural History on April 13 in the Hall of North American Mammals!

There are two steps for free tickets:

  1.  Register and claim your tickets with the link below  (PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS LINK ON ANY PUBLIC PLATFORM. YOU MAY INVITE FRIENDS VIA EMAIL ONLY)
  2. Write to Mr. Marc at and let him know you will be attending the dance party!
Link to free tickets:  Earthfest

See you all at The American Museum of Natural History on 4/13!
Marc Herstein is a Park Slope Brooklyn native who currently teaches a Dance Advance after school program for grades K-5. Dance Advance is an educational dance party that incorporates STEAM curriculum into dance party fun. Marc also teaches Raise the Bar, a hip hop and R&B song writing, recording, and performance class for grades 4-5.
Link to more Information about Earthfest activities