Fall Festival Is Going Green!
Wed, Oct 16 11:20am
The PS 107 Fall Festival is only a few days away!!! We are so excited!
Before we get this party started we would like to share information about a very important goal that we have this year - to reduce our landfill waste for this event. Here is what is important to know:
  1. We are making every effort to ensure that nearly everything we use this year is either compostable, recyclable or reusable. Please keep this in mind for food donations. There will be compost and recycling stations in the big yard and on 14th Street with signs explaining what can go in them. This can only work if everyone puts the waste in the right place! We ask that you take 5 minutes this week to let your kids know about this in advance. We hope that they will be excited to help do their part.
  2. Bring your water bottles!  (And put your name on them!) There will be PS 107 bottles for sale at the gear stand. We will have water stations.
  3. For drink donations, we are asking for either large bottles of juice or cans of sparkling water only. We will have compostable cups available for $1.
  4. If you can loan a tablecloth or two please let us know on the Konstella sign up
  5. At the stations where we expect landfill waste we will have clearly marked containers for landfill waste only. There are not many!
  6. Sign up to help manage the recycling/compost stations! We know this is the last thing that you want to do for an hour - but your great-great grandkids will love you for it!
  7. And finally, remember - Stop and think before you toss! Together we can do this.
Thank you for doing your part!