February Community Outreach Newsletter
Fri, Feb 18 1:37pm

Hello everyone!


February is halfway done and Winter Break is here - a perfect time for our monthly newsletter!


As we say in there, a HUGE thank you to everyone who made Valentine's cards last week to share with various neighbors around our community - the creativity and generosity of spirit was magical!  A particular thanks to Ms. Shannon & Mr. Brown (3-204) who sparked the original idea. 


With President's Day coming up on Monday, there are lots of great volunteer opportunities over this long weekend so if you're not heading out of town, check inside for a short list of options.  Of course, we encourage everyone to get involved whenever and wherever you can, and please let us know if there are other organizations or events you'd like us to know about and share!


Remember that no gesture of kindness, service, or support is ever too small.  


Many thanks to Cynthia Thaler, Kajal Below, and Joanna Lumbang Dowding for their work making the newsletter and our events happen.


Have a great break!

The Community Outreach Committee