Final Stretch! Help rescue our Annual Fund goal!
Sun, Apr 28 11:08am

It's 4/28 - the fourth and final multiple of 107 this school year! If you haven't made your Annual Fund gift this year, or if you have and can give a little more, please do so today as the final stretch of spring begins.

Give online via Konstella, write a check to “PS 107 PTA,” or make a gift of stock. Donations to the PTA are fully tax deductible.

We're tracking $40K behind what we'd raised by this time last year, which is a big gulf, considering we're still $65K short of our $210,000 goal.

Why give now? 

As the school year wraps up, planning for 2024-25 is underway. If the PTA falls $50K or $25K or $10K short of our Annual Fund goal, the school's budget will be that much smaller. Ms. Joanna has shared that she's worried about next year's budget and the state of DOE funding.

How much should I give?

The PTA has committed $404 per PS 107 student with our $210,000 Annual Fund goal. Use this as a goal post, with the understanding that this amount is out of reach for many families, while other families are able to step up and give more.

THANK YOU for you support! It is deeply appreciated and critically needed! 


Please contact PS 107 parent Nisha Aoyama with any questions about the Annual Fund: