Find The Perfect Committee Just For You!
Tue, Oct 22 9:30am

Looking to get involved in the PS 107 community but don't know where to start? 

Well, it's your lucky day! There are plenty of PS 107 Committees that will welcome your help with open arms!

You don't have to commit a ton of time, but the results are incredibly fulfilling.

Find your perfect match below!


Beast Relief

The Beast Relief Committee is taking concrete steps to help animals far and near, while teaching PS 107 children about the importance of conservation and the value of civic action on behalf of our beast buddies.

The Beast Relief Committee is responsible for the following events + programs:

  • Fall Festival - Superstar Animal Voting Booth
  • Reading to Dogs (for 1st graders)
  • Art Day: animal themed project
  • Africa Day: animal themed project
  • Shelter Santas: supplies drive for homeless pets
  • Cinco de Rhino Spare Change Drive: fundraiser for International Rhino Foundation
  • 5th Grade Animal Book

Join the Beast Relief Committee today! 


Community Outreach

The Community Outreach Committee shares resources with communities who are in need.

The Community Outreach Committee is responsible for the following events + programs:

  • Oversee the partnership between PS 107 and PS 81, an under-resourced school in Bed-Stuy to include:
    • Book and clothing drives
    • Holiday event
    • Scholastic book fair matching donations
    • Performance shares at Heritage Day
    • Fun Run
    • School supplies matching program
  • Fundraise and oversee donations for UNICEF
  • Fundraise and oversee donations for schools in Africa
  • Fundraise and oversee donatins for CitiHarvest

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Diversity Committee

We’re excited to continue building up the PS 107 Diversity Committee! We’re starting off the year by inviting parents and teachers join us in collaborating around this year’s theme: building empathy and empowering our to make a difference. 

The Diversity Committee is responsible for creating at least three school-wide events (that take place during the school day) as part of our designation as a "No Place For Hate" school through the Anti-Defamation League. More importantly, we hope that the Diversity Committee will become a forum for parents and educators who are passionate about equity, inclusion, and social justice, and that this forum will help us shape PS 107's diversity work for this year. Please consider joining, because your voice is truly needed!

Join the Diversity Committee today!



The Math, Science and Technology committee promotes STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) enrichment activities at the school. We do this by hosting STEAM Day in the winter, as well as helping integrate Math, Science & Technology engagement into many of the other fun school events all year long. Our philosophy is that Math, Science & Technology are exciting and fun ... and the earlier we guide and support our kids' wonder about the world and how it works, the more successful they will be in all areas of learning. 

The Math, Science & Technology Committee is responsible for the following events + programs:

  • Fall Festival STEAM Activity
  • STEAM Day
  • Art Day STEAM Activity
  • STEAM Field Trips

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Annual Fund

The Annual Fund Committee raises unrestricted gifts to support PS 107. Committee Members thank fellow parents' for their contributions, answer questions about the Annual Fund, and share the importance of the Annual Fund at events, such as at a table in the Big Yard on the first day and at Principally Speaking breakfasts at the beginning of the school year.

For more information about the Annual Fund, our 2019-2020 goals of 100% participation and $250,000, and how to give, ...

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Heritage Day Annual Fund

The Heritage Day Committee organizes PS 107's annual celebration of multiculturalism and diversity where families present their heritage to the school community through food, crafts, demonstrations, and other creative activities. Get your painted mohawk in the England Room! Throw some fish in the Seattle room! Eat some amazing food in the Mexican Room! It's a fun day for everyone.

Join the Heritage Day Committee today!



The PS107 Auction Gala is the school's biggest fundraiser of the year. This year's auction will be held on Friday, March 27, 2020. The evening will include both Silent and Live Auction, Music, Food, Drinks and Dancing to celebrate our community and raise the funds our school needs to be the special place that it is. 

The Auction Committee is responsible for the following events + programs:

  • Summer Camp online auction
  • Time with Teachers raffle
  • Auction Gala!

Join the Auction Committee today! 


Book Fair

The Book Fair takes place at our locally-owned neighborhood book shop, PowerHouse on 8th. The Book Fair is a PTA fundraiser as well as a way to instill the love of books in our students. 

Join the Book Fair Committee today!


Graphics Committee

The graphics committee is looking for designers to help create graphic / visual communication pieces for the school such as committee identity logos, event posters and announcements, t-shirt designs, etc. 

Join the Graphics Committee today!


Eat & Greet/Progressive Dinner

Eat + Greet is a great way to get to know other parents in the PS 107 community without their children. This year's event is scheduled for Saturday, November 4, 2017 at 6pm.

Each course takes place at a different house within the 107 zone. Parents attending Eat + Greet will receive an itinerary for the evening assigned to different host houses for cocktails & appetizers, dinner and dessert (dessert is potluck) allowing participants to maximize their social experience. 

Join the Eat & Greet Committee today!


Fall Festival

As you just saw, Fall Festival is PS 107's biggest community event. If you have any thoughts about changes or improvements you would make for next year, i t's never too early to get involved! 

Join the Fall Festival Committee today!



PS 107 Gear is a great way for students and their families to show their school spirit. We have two Gear sales a year, featuring new designs as well as old favorites.

The Gear Committee is responsible for:

  • Selling + Promoting Gear at approved school events

Join the Gear Committee today!


Movie Night

The Movie Night Committee is responsible for:

  • Selecting films to screen at Movie Night
  • Working with school administrators to reserve dates and facilities
  • Creating backpack flyers to promote Movie Night
  • Overseeing volunteers and pizza service during Movie Night
  • Managing children during the screening
  • Facilitating checkout immediately after the screening

Join the Movie Night Committee today!


Spring Fling

Spring Fling invites PS 107 students and their families to dance under the stars in the Big Yard on at this fun family event, which includes an interactive DJ, dancing, bake sale, pizza, photo booth and more!

Join the Spring Fling Committee today! (Heck you can even lead it!)


Green & Healthy

The Green & Healthy Committee teaches students about the importance of taking care of our environment as well as the significance of each student's impact.

The Green & Healthy Committee is responsible for the following events + programs:

  • Sunshine Garden, when it reopens
  • Harvest Day,  **need as many helpers as possible to make this event run smoothly
  • School-wide Recycling and Composting Programs

Join the Green & Healthy Committee today!


Lunch PALS

Lunch PALS, Parent Assistance and Lunchtime Supervision, is a volunteer program developed to support current lunch aides during the lower grade lunch and recess periods.

The Lunch PALS Committee is responsible for the following:

  • Assist students with lining up to purchase lunch, opening containers and eating healthy foods first
  • Help keep children with food allergies safe
  • Teach students how to properly recycle and compost
  • Help organize fun activities in the yard
  • Monitor recess for safe play
  • Escort students to the bathroom and to the nurse as needed
  • Encourage students to uphold the P.S.107 community standards

Join the Lunch PALS Committee today!



The Physical Education Committee helps organize volunteers for weekly PE classes per grade as well as integrate parent talents into the class to include yoga, bootcamp, soccer, basketball, dance, etc. 

Join the PE Committee today!



The Arts Committee works with the Parent Coordinator and is responsible for the following events + programs:

  • Book long standing arts residencies for K-5 and research new residencies as needed
  • Research and book theater and museum field trips for K-5
  • Organize and run the Art Mural at Fall Festival
  • Organize and run Art Day

Join the Arts Committee today!


Learning Friends

Are you looking to get involved in the PS107 community but aren't sure what to do? This might be the volunteer opportunity for you! Learning Friends is a unique volunteer opportunity that brings you in to work directly with a student during the school day.

What: Each volunteer will read with a 1st or 2nd grade student.

When: You pick the day of the week, 8:30-9 am, beginning in October and lasting all year.

Why: To instill confidence and a love of reading into these funny and sweet young readers.

Who: Parents and grandparents. No experience necessary! Just bring your love of books and sense of fun.


Join the Learning Friends Committee today!


Thursday Morning Track Run

The purpose of Thursday Morning Track Run is to encourage and support a Green & Healthy Initiative with the TrackProgram.

If you and your child plan on running Thursday mornings please join the committee so that you can stay up to date on all announcements  and schedule changes.

1. Meet at the school at 7am Thursday Mornings. 
2. Parents must run or bike with their child. This is NOT a drop off club. 
3. The morning run will leave school and run along PPW to Grand Army Plaza and back. 
4. Parents are responsible for the safety of their child. 
5. There will be NYRR Young Runner (Grades 3 - 5) events that we will be participating in as well as some fun run opportunities for the younger runners (Grades K - 2). 
6. When the children return to school, they have enough time to eat breakfast in the cafeteria before the bell rings. 
7. We will send out an email Wednesday nights to the group to determine if the weekly run needs to be cancelled due to weather.

Join the Thursday Morning Track Club Committee today!


Lice Check

The Lice Check Committee works with Parent Coordinator to organize and run lice checks, in conjunction with a professional company hired by the PTA, for all students in the school 4 times per year.

Volunteers help the professional lice company keep the students organized and transport children down to the main office if needed.

It is a relaxed environment, the professionals are wonderful, and you get to meet every teacher in the school, see all the students and meet new parents.

You can volunteer for an hour or two or for the whole morning. The hours are from 9 am - 12 pm.

Join the Lice Check Committee today!



The PS 107 library provides the school community with a wide range of materials on appropriate levels of difficulty that will encourage growth in knowledge, establish a life-long love of reading and foster information literacy.

The Library Committee is responsible for the following events + programs:

  • Read-A-Thon
  • Shelving books to assist Peg Galella, our librarian
  • Assistance with author visits throughout the year
  • Annual book fair

Join the Library Committee today!


4th and 5th Grade Book Club

Book Club is open to all 4th & 5th Graders (and their parents) monthly on Tuesday mornings at 7:30am in the Library. Book Club participants will read, discuss, and participate in creative activities inspired by the selections. 

Join the 4th & 5th Grade Book Club Committee today!


Math Magic!

Math Magic! Is PS 107’s parent-led math club that takes place at 7:30am each Wednesday, open to children of all ages and skill levels.

Over the course of the year, our goal is to not only support proficiency, but more important, to grow confidence and help foster a love for math that will remain with our kids long after their days at 107.

From collaborative games and activities, to math puzzlers and core concepts, we encourage every child to have fun with parents and peers as they discover their inner mathmagician!

To make this program the best it can be, we welcome parent participation to help with our more than 30 kids who regularly attend—no matter your math fluency! And for those of you who have kindergarteners or first graders, we require you to accompany them. It makes for a richer experience all around.

Join the Math Magic! Committee today!


Lost & Found

PS 107 hosts a Lost & Found retrieval several times throughout the year. Items that are not claimed will be donated to a local charity.

Join the Lost & Found Committee today!


School Supplies

The School Supplies Committee offers parents an easy and affordable way to order your child's school supplies. 

Join the School Supplies Committee today!