First Day of School - First Day of Afterschool for K-5
Mon, Sep 12 1:03pm


Hooray!  Park Slope Afterschool Center is off to a great start.


We were thrilled to welcome Kindergarten through 5th Grade students for their first two days of afterschool last week and we are excited to have a whole week of orientation for afterschool students this week. 



The PS 107 Afterschool Program recognizes the importance of creating a space where all children and staff can thrive. We will begin this year with some support from Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coach, Kara Pranikoff. Kara worked last year with teachers at PS 107, so she is familiar with our community.  Working with children and staff we will create some community agreements about how we want to care for each other during afterschool. We will also establish some ways to respond to conflicts and hurt feelings that support learning. It is of utmost importance that all our staff and children feel respected, and have a sense of belonging. The schedule for these classes is as follows and we ask that you pick up your children either before or after their workshop time to minimize disruptions.


Wed, 9/14
3:00pm - Kindergarten
4:00pm - 3rd Grade
Thu, 9/15
3:00pm - 1st Grade
4:00pm - 4th Grade
Fri, 9/16
3:00pm - 2nd Grade
4:00pm - 5th Grade


Some Important Notes:


* Parents must tell your teachers the days your children have afterschool. You should be doing this via the Operoo Daily Dismissal Form. And also send your teacher an email for good measure.


* Are you fully registered in afterschool?

If you have not completed your registration by choosing your membership type (One Day, Two Day or Monthly) please do this now.


* PreK will begin afterschool on Tuesday, September 13th after their first full day of school. So exciting!


* Specialty classes begin the week of September 19th


* The 2022-2023 calendar for the full year of afterschool can be seen on our website:




  • Sign out is digital. To sign out your child, you will fill out a digital form using the QR code below and show the receipt to the staff member at the door who will then call for your child. More directions are below and attached.
  • PreK, Kindergarten and 1st Grade Students will be picked up via the front door of the school
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Grade Students will be picked up via the Big Yard Gate on 8th Avenue
  • Please be patient on these first days while we ask to see IDs and double check pick up lists that families created in 6crickets


Still have questions? Get in touch.


Pamela Rosenberg (she/her)

Executive Director, PSACC
Tel: 347-786-0483