Full Time Instruction
Fri, Apr 16 3:06pm

Dear PS107 Families,

I know you are eagerly waiting to learn whether we will move to full-time in person instruction in the coming weeks. We are too.

After the CDC released it's new social distancing guidelines of 3 ft. for elementary students last month, and De Blasio's announcement to add another Opt-In cycle for blended learning with a very strong push for 5 day/week instruction, we have been working tirelessly on our plans. Two weeks ago the DOE provided elementary schools with new room capacity numbers using the 3 ft. guidance. With 3 ft. distancing, we are able to accommodate ALL our current and new in-person students for 5 day/week instruction. 

However, on Wednesday we were asked to "await further guidance" in planning for 3 ft. distancing. We believe this may be because UFT and DOE have not reached an agreement on the distancing change. We cannot move forward until this is resolved.  As soon as there are answers, I will let you know. 

Regardless of where full-time instruction stands at this time, our new blended learning students will begin the week of April 26th.  We will communicate directly with families of these students early next week.