Funding For Cleaning & Disinfecting Supplies
Fri, Aug 28 9:21am

Dear PS 107 Family,

In order to help make our school a safe place this year for students to learn and staff to work, the PTA has made a bulk purchase of supplies for the classrooms including cleaning and sanitizing supplies, paper products, and other teaching supplies.

(In more sane years, these items- paper towels, hand sanitizer, wipes, soap, etc.- were part of the “Household Supplies” section of your EduKit package. This year, however, those items are not included on the supplies lists, with the EduKits sent to homes this year containing school supplies to be used exclusively by your individual students, and not shared in the classroom. )

That leaves the classrooms without the majority of the cleaning supplies it would normally have via EduKit, so we are now asking members of the community to contribute specifically for the cost of these items, with the amount of this purchase coming to $40 per student.  So...


  • If you can, please consider contributing more. You will help cover the costs of those students whose families cannot donate that amount this year.
  • Please consider contributing so you can avoid having to haul that Costco brick of paper towels school in person. 

Thank you!

Click Here To Contribute!


The PS 107 PTA