Funding teachers for next year
Mon, Apr 19 9:20am

Our support now determines what PS 107 looks like next year. It’s that simple.

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Over the summer, Ms. Eve and Ms. Rinah will plan teacher staffing. It is possible, based on  2020-2021 enrollment, that the school’s budget will decrease next year. However, at the same time, many families may return to or join PS 107, increasing the staffing needs.


PTA support - your gifts to the Annual Fund - has always filled the gap between the budget and the experience we want for our children. Support from families makes a palpable difference in the comprehensive, day-to-day functioning of our school. 


Here’s how it works: A NYC public school PTA can fund visual arts and music teachers, as well as long-term substitutes that, at PS 107, support classrooms. Our PS 107 community greatly values these roles. Funding these positions frees up resources for school administration to hire full-time classroom teachers. 


Please support your child’s school now so school leadership can prepare for a brighter, stronger PS 107 next year.


If you have any questions, please reach out to me at Thank you for all you do and give!


Elizabeth de Velasco

PTA Vice President for Development

Parent of 2nd & 4th graders


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