Get Your PS 107 Gear!
Thu, Nov 15 4:16pm

How To Get Your PS 107 Gear: Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Um, how do I order PS 107 gear?

A: Go to Order it. 

Q: Yes! I'll totally order it sometime soon. Cool?

A: If by "soon" you mean in the next two weeks, then super cool. See, you can only order online between November 13th and November 27th. The next order window will be in the spring.

Q: When you say "Gear Sale" do you mean "a Sale on Gear?" 

A: No, sorry for the confusion. It's more the "Bake Sale" type of sale than a "Buy One Get One Free" type of sale. Two takes on the same word. Kinda like bark. Or racket. Or buckle. Or jam.

Q:  I ordered stuff. When do I get it?

A: December 19th. Just in time for the holidays!

Q: I have other questions. Who should I contact?

A: Email