Giving Thanks to Our PS 107 Community
Thu, Nov 17 12:23pm

Dear PS 107 Families,


As Ms. Joanna mentioned, November is the month of gratitude and we, the PS 107 PTA, would like to take a moment to express the deep gratitude we have for this community.


We are so very thankful for the people who have donated...

  • Their time, like the many committee members who enrich and support the community in so many different ways (Arts, Crafts Fair, Green and Healthy, Fall Festival, STEM, AAPI, etc.)  or the chaperones and Lunch PALS who keep our kids safe while in and outside the school.
  • Their homes, like the stoop crawl hosts who opened their doors to people they were excited to meet.
  • Their expertise, like the wonderful tech wizards who have created graphics or updated websites, or running club coaches who inspire our budding runners.
  • Their goods, like the delicious bake sale items, or winter gear, books, and Halloween costumes for the various community outreach drives.
  • Their money, like the generous people who have helped us raise nearly $80,000 so far toward the Annual Fund or the countless community members who speedily fulfill our Amazon wishlists!

We are also so thankful for the PS 107 Staff.  We are grateful for the many big and small things you do on a day-to-day basis including...

  • Welcoming our  children every morning bright and early with a smile
  • Leading them to grow in their reading, writing, and math skills every day through your lessons
  • Taking them through the hallways and stairs, leading them up and down and up again safely wherever they need to go
  • Helping them develop as overall loving and caring people 
  • Walking them outside to the yard or the Armory for outdoor fun!
  • Exposing them to art, music, history, science, and many other lessons that enrich their educational experience
  • Ensuring that even after school their time is used in fun, engaging, and thoughtful ways
  • Supporting and communicating with parents to foster a community outside the walls of the school building.
  • Spending the many hours at school,  on the phone, riding busses/trains,  or at home doing the many unnamed things you do toward making our school a great place for our children 

Whether you are new to your role and jumping right in this year, or a veteran of many years and supporting the new members of our community,  we can't thank you enough for giving it your all for our kids!


Thank you,

PS 107 PTA