Grade Wide Picnics - Do's and Don'ts
Wed, Jun 1 12:11pm

Hello PS 107 Families,


Grade Wide Picnic season has arrived. The schedule and location for picnics are listed below. This is a lovely way to celebrate the year and enjoy a day in Prospect park with children, parents and teachers. 


Many schools use the park this time of year so it's important to make sure we are keeping our students safe. Please review the following expectations with your children:


Please DO:

  • Apply sunscreen to your child before school
  • Send your child with a water bottle
  • Send your child with weather appropriate clothing and a hat to wear in the sun
  • You can bring balls, frisbees and jump ropes
  • You can bring a blanket or towel to sit on
  • Children must be escorted to and from the nearest bathroom by a grownup
  • Children must stay within the perimeter as identified by the teachers
  • Parents can help to organize games and activities
  • Parents are invited to help chaperone and supervise students
  • If you and your child are leaving from Prospect Park you must sign the student out with your teacher

Please DO NOT:

  • Do not send food for the teacher to carry to the park on your behalf
  • Do not bring anything in glass containers
  • Do not bring food with NUTS
  • Do not bring dogs or any pets
  • NO baseball bats of any kind
  • NO hard balls of any kind
  • NO toy guns of any kind
  • Do not allow children to leave the perimeter as set up by the teachers
  • Do not allow children to go to the bathroom unattended
  • Do not allow children to climb trees or pull down branches
  • NO playing with sticks or fallen branches

June 2 - First Grade Picnic (Picnic House South)

June 10 - Second Grade Picnic (Bandshell North)

June 14 - Fifth Grade Picnic (Picnic House North)

June 15 - Fourth Grade Picnic (Picnic House North)

June 16 - Third Grade Picnic (Picnic House North)

June 21 - PreK & Kindergarten Picnic (Picnic House North)


In addition to our safety, Prospect Park has reminded us that folks are using the parks more than ever and have asked that we remove our garbage to help keep the park clean. Please bring garbage bags and consider taking your garbage home with you if at all possible. At a minimum use garbage bags brought from home to help from adding to overflowing receptacles. Thank you!!


Any Q's? email


Thank you for your cooperation!!