Green Committee shout-outs and ways to help!
Wed, May 10 9:35pm

(Art, by a student in Ms. Amber’s class)


With the rain we had and the falling of the blossoms, it is SO GREEN outside!  With that, here are 5 important PS107 Green Team shout-outs and ways to help!


Congratulations and thank you!


1.  Twenty trash walks across all grades have occurred and are continuing through the week; the classes have had fun in the process. This has been a great way for the kids to learn about our impact on our collective backyard, and help care for it.  


2. Our kids wrote the most amazing letters to advocate for packaging reduction! Thank you to all who wrote letters to NY legislators in support of the Packaging Reduction and Recycling Act. We sent 48!  Read the letters here from Ms. Amber’s class… they are passionate, informed, and inspiring.


3. Thank you to the PS107 Auction Team for going green. This event could typically generate over 2000 single use plastic items, and the contamination that goes with it.  The Auction Team prevented this with washable glassware and finger foods! 


Keep up the green work…


4.  Make the potluck green: Are you contributing to Friday's Teacher Appreciation potluck?  If yes, thank you!  Please lean toward cardboard, aluminum, and reusable packaging if you can. 


5.  Reminder to keep collecting recycling for $$$ -- Bring it in on May 24-25.