Greetings from the art teacher
Tue, Nov 15 6:56pm

Dear families,


November already? It is hard to believe that the beginning the school year is behind us! In ART, we have been very busy (and messy, PLEASE send in Paper towels and wipes!)…

PREK has been exploring their world through the eyes of an artist, learning to translate what they see and experience through artistic expression. After whole class explorations in drawing, collage, painting, printmaking, and sculpture, choice is provided through centers. Coming up we will be applying all that we are learning to some individual and class collaborations in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional forms.

KINDERGARTEN has been learning how lines create shapes, and how shapes can be turned into all sorts of things! Through exploration of materials and careful observation we are learning to recognize and use the elements and principles of art and design as building blocks in our work. We have looked at nature, literature, and the work of many historic and contemporary artists for inspiration. We have explored different art materials and techniques from drawing to collage to paper sculpture, working in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional forms. We are learning how to use our materials safely and take care of them so they will last for future art making sessions. Next up paint!

FIRST GRADE started with an exploration of drawing and collage. Continuing to build on learning from kindergarten we are expanding our use and understanding of materials, and recognizing and applying elements of art and design. Students have been working with geometric and organic shapes to create drawings and collages incorporating lines and patterns as inspired by the world around them, their imagination, and the work of historic and contemporary artists. Coming up, students will begin looking closely and learning to draw from observation.

SECOND GRADE began art this year by experimenting with various drawing materials then moved on to collage and watercolor paint. We applied what we learned working from observation and imagination as inspired by the work of historic and contemporary artists. Coming up we will practice more visual thinking strategies to look at portraits throughout history and in contemporary times as inspiration for creating our own portraits.

THIRD GRADE began by experimenting with various drawing, collage materials, paint, and styles of art. Currently students are learning to use their sketchbooks in art as a place to practice ideas, materials and techniques, to try new things and hone skills. We are slowing things down to give opportunity to go deep into areas of interest and practice expressing through art. Up next, more drawing, painting, and working outside our sketchbooks in textiles, sculpture and clay!

FOURTH GRADE began with their sketchbooks. Students are currently working on developing characters and stories by creating graphic novels and cartoons. Coming up, use of color and design, printmaking, and textiles!


FIFTH GRADE began in their sketchbooks. We reviewed our hopes and dreams for 5th grade in art to give voice and agency to our interests. We are working on setting and meeting individualized goals in art. We are currently focusing on developing skills in drawing. Next up clay and 3D sculpture! 5th grade will have an art show end of year. More news on that in the spring…

In grades PreK-2 work will be/is coming home soon with your children, and will continue to with some regularity at the end of the calendar year, in the spring, and end of year.


Grades 3-5 work stays at school until end of year. You may see sketchbooks come home occasionally throughout the year.


Thank you for your continued support!

Ms. Julie