Sun, Aug 2 3:39am
Hey everyone,
We hope everyone is doing alright. We've got a ton of updates. 
First, a huge enormous thanks to all the drivers and fundraisers for our food distribution effort over the last several months. Check out this fantastic collage of the efforts:
 Second, we have one more round of deliveries scheduled for THIS MONDAY 8/3 and we need drivers. If you're available from noon to 3pm-ish, please let Adrianna Dufay know
Third, if you're interested in donating the funds on your P-EBT card (DON'T DONATE THE CARD, just the funds, or a portion of them) here are some suggestions about how to do it. One thing to keep in mind is that only certain grocery stores are government certified to accept EBT cards. You can't just walk into any grocery store.  
  1. You can make a cash donation to South Brooklyn Mutual Aid, which is the nonprofit we have been partnering with to provide food to children and families at PS169. If you'd like to support another nonprofit/food pantry we can recommend several. We've heard there is huge need in East New York.
  2. If you make this cash donation, you can purchase your own groceries at any grocery store that accepts EBT cards. If you would like an online option, register your P-EBT card with Amazon here, then purchase groceries for your own family from Amazon Pantry or Amazon Fresh
  3. NOTE: We are trying to set up an online, P-EBT grocery purchasing option with Windsor Terrace Food Coop, which accepts EBT cards. We want to provide this option so that families can support local farms and food providers. However, this option is not in place yet, and PS 169 and SBMA urgently need funds, so we're suggesting the Amazon option in the interim. Look for information in the future about how to do this, and how to sponsor a weekly box of groceries for a PS 169 family.
Fourth, remember last year when we donated over a 1000 pairs of shoes as part of a city-wide school effort to help schools in Yemen and Bangladesh? The donations have finally been permitted into Yemen. They're more needed now, than we had ever imagined. See the photos attached!

Stay steady, stay safe.

Emily and Adrianna