Happy November from the Green Committee
Mon, Nov 13 11:30pm
  1. The DOE has instituted Climate Action Days for 2023-24, a creative learning opportunity for entire school communities. Each day will be based on a theme, and will showcase the importance of climate education and sustainability practices. Our science teacher Barnes is working with classrooms to make this a success, kicking it off with Energy Day, December 6th. See the NYC DOE page for more information including a book list for kids. 
  2. Thank you to Ligia, Sareeta, Yulia, Feba, and Elise who have volunteered to help kick-off / revive gardening efforts! We look forward to getting this kicked off. If anyone else is interested, let us know.
  3. Do you work in the green industry? We are looking for guest speakers. Please let me know if you’d like to help in this way,
  4. Family volunteer opportunity (Nov 19): Join Prospect Park Alliance for fall family fun, raking leaves and tackling litter. Learn the value of service and meet other families and children on this day of giving back. See registration link for details. The Green Committee is trying to get a group together for December 3. Stay tuned, and please reach out if you’d like to be involved with this.
  5. Tips for a Green Thanksgiving!  Here are some from Keep America Beautiful, and I’ll personally share my own top 3: 1) Eliminate disposables by crowdsourcing your plates, cups, utensils -- it’s a day of sharing, anyway!, 2) If you are having a turkey, save the bones and make a rich stock (eliminating the need to buy packaged stock all winter), 3) Be mindful of what you need to buy on Black Friday … Did you know fashion is the #2 source of contamination on our planet?