Harvest Day and Weather/Lost and Found/Accidents Happen/Office Deliveries
Tue, Oct 23 3:21pm

Hello families,


Harvest Day - Dress for the Weather

Just a reminder to dress your children appropriately for the weather tomorrow as they will be outside for a full period for both lunch and recess.


The children will eat their lunch at tables set up outside in the yard since the PTA is hosting Harvest Day inside in the cafeteria.


Lost and Found

We are in a season that feels sometimes colder and sometimes warmer.  Because of the change in temps, kids are peeling off layers and losing them at school.


To this end, please label your children's clothes.  Clothes that are labeled can be returned.


Same goes for lunch boxes and water bottles. We can return them if they are labeled.



If your child is in one of the younger grades it's always a good idea to have an extra set of labeled clothes at school in case of an accident.  


Office Deliveries

Please take an extra minute to send your child to school with everything they need for the day - Homework, Science Projects, Lunch boxes, Water bottles, Snacks, Hoodies and more. We are getting more than the usual amount of items dropped off in the office since the start of the school year and it is disruptive to the office staff as well as to the students and the teachers in the classrooms.  Thanks for your cooperation and support!



Any Q's? You can reach me at prosenberg@ps107.org


Thanks - Pamela