Head Lice at PS 107 - Update
Fri, Nov 8 4:01pm

After the Election Day school wide conditioner comb out,  we are still hearing from about three families per day reporting cases of head lice.


Again, this is all grades and all classrooms so it is clear that this is an issue for the whole school. If we are diligent and work together we can successfully contain the situation and the spread of lice around school.


Next Steps:


1.  VETERAN'S DAY COMB OUT, Monday, November 11th.


Regardless of whether or not you've seen anything please do a conditioner comb out on Veteran's Day - Monday, November 11.  If you see any bugs or nits during the comb out, please report it to me.  Comb out instructions are attached.




It is also a good idea to bit of laundry this weekend - wash those hoodies, jackets, hats and all bedding. Empty the backpack and run it through the dryer for a couple of cycles.  Clean your brushes and combs. Move lovies and stuffies out of the bed for a few weeks.




Upon return to school all students with long hair would be best off if the hair is worn tied up or braided.


If you have any questions or want to report a case of head lice please email: prosenberg@ps107.org


Thank you!!