Heritage Day Is Coming Soon!
Tue, Feb 5 11:50am

Yes, we know, we just had another DAY  a few days ago, but this next one is so awesome that we wanted to make sure you're ready ASAP.

Heritage Day is March 9th!

Actually, this is just a call out for any parents interested in hosting a room.

Heritage Day is an incredibly fun event, and gives you a chance to not only showcase the country/state/city you're from, but show off your creativity as well.

Whether you're from The Netherlands or New Jersey, South Africa or South Carolina, India or Indiana, come host a room!

Share traditions!

Play music!

Hand out samples of food!

It's up to you.

If you want to host a room, contact Ted McCagg at ted@ps107.org or Crystal DiMarco at crystalcd@gmail.com